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Meeting Ever Growing Requirements

All software provided by the group is developed by our in-house Research and Development team who ensures that our software is never behind industry standards.

Legal Interact provides Practice Management, Legal Accounting and Debt Collection software packages.

Established in 1982, Legal Interact is the largest complete application software and office automation supplier to the attorney market. It currently provides products and services to well over 1500 law firms.

Solumed provides Medical Practice Management software. Solumed Pro is a comprehensive Medical Practice Management Software for medical professionals including doctors, dentists, pathologists and veterinarians.

Solumed Pro is used by more than 1000 medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices throughout South Africa and internationally since 1987.

Since 2001, eBAM Systems has been providing software packages to the Automotive industry.

Motovate OnTheMove offers the automotive dealership a fully integrated Sales Management, Leads Managements & CRM system. Motovate OnTheMove allows you to easily manage demo stock and test drives, as well as generate proposals and OTPs.

Avantedge Marketing is a technology-driven digital solutions company that delivers a remarkable and ever-growing range of innovative digital marketing and print services and systems to businesses throughout South Africa and internationally.

We recognise the rapid evolution of technology and are equipped with the expertise and skilled resources to remain cutting edge, leading the way in developing innovative systems and campaigns.

Express School Foods has developed from humble beginnings in 1978 as a supplier of caramel and salted popcorn, to become the country’s largest supplier to school tuckshops, educational institutions and corporate canteens.

We now service the entire extended Gauteng area, supplying chips, chocolates, juices, softdrinks and a large assortment of sweets, foodstuffs, snacks and pies, to a satisfied customer base of over 1800.

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