About Us

At Avantedge, our core mission is to empower individuals and businesses, unlocking their true potential. We cultivate a positive, visionary environment that propels both employees and clients to excel. Innovation and self-challenge are central to our approach.

In our Software Division, with a remarkable 40-year history, our focus is crafting industry-specific software solutions that provide unique client value. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status reflects our excellence commitment. Dedication to best practices and customer feedback fuels continuous product enhancement for operational efficiency and client profitability.

Our in-house Research and Development (R&D) team propels success by adhering to industry standards, adapting to evolving requirements, delivering cutting-edge software. Our full-time support center promptly addresses client technical concerns for a seamless experience.

Evident through 100+ professionals across Johannesburg and Cape Town offices, our dedication to clients shines. Proudly serving 13,000 users, collaboration and teamwork underpin software catering to diverse needs, engaging experts from various disciplines.

Avantedge's wholesale prowess is underscored by exceptional service, special prices, fostering a loyal customer base of 1800, who trust and value us.

Ultimately, our commitment to positivity, vision, and innovation propels Avantedge's role in empowering people and businesses. Continuous self-challenge maintains industry leadership, delivering unmatched software solutions and customer service that fuel growth and success.

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